Materials for the Adirondack style rustic furniture maker & birch bark crafter.

Whether you make rustic furniture, birch bark crafts or birchbark canoes it is our aim to provide you the bark and other materials you need. If you don't see it here, please contact us and we will try to find it for you or tell you where you can get it.
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Here is a sampling of what these sheets look like.
Please let us know what you would like and we will do our best to accomodate you.
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Furniture Quality Bark - Our bark comes from north eastern Alaska and Siberia. It has all the characteristics of fine bark - flexible and lovely on the white side. The sheets vary in thickness from about 1/16" to 1/8". It varies in look but mostly is bright white with distinctive birch bark characteristics. Please tell us what you need and want and we will do our best to find sheets that match.

    2'x2' Siberian Sheets Cost is $11.75 per square foot.
      (these sheets can be 23" wide x 25" tall in some cases and are very thin)
    2'x3' Alaskan Sheets Cost is $12.75 per sq ft.
      (they can be narrower, wider and longer so please let us know your needs)
    2'x8' Alaskan Sheets Cost is $13.75 per sq ft.
      (they can be narrower, wider and longer so please let us know your needs)
      Volume discounts begin at 300 sq. ft.

Canoe Quality Bark
- To qualify as canoe quality, this bark does not seperate into laminations, passes the flexibility test of being able to bend parallel to the "eyes", is thick enough and not too thick, and is straight. There are no major cracks, however there may be some small cracks and slight curling along the edges. There may also be "birds" the "V" shape marks left where small branches fell off and healed over.

Price is $16.75 per sq ft
   Sheets range in length and width from 8 to 10 ft. long and 30" to 36" wide. They come rolled. (Ample supplies as of winter 2021-2022)

Wall and Ceiling Panels -

In most wall and ceiling applications the bark needs to be attached to a substrate such as plywood which then in turn can be attached to the wall or ceiling or inserted into cabinets.

The steps involved while not difficult can be time consuming and if you plan on using a contractor who has never worked with bark before this can add up in expense. This is why we offer the option of purchasing pre-pressed and backed panels. Now your contractor can finish a whole room in a matter of hours because he is cutting and applying paneling..

Each panel is vacuum pressed and glued using the finest veneer adhesive available. If the application is not going to be adhered to a wall or contained surface then a backing or balancing veneer needs to be adhered to reduce the chance of warping or cupping. Or, one can simply paint "Kilz" primer sealer to the back of the board. This will act as a balancing layer the way the glue balances the passing of moisture when attaching a balancing veneer. This can be the least expensive option.

We are often asked about finishes for birch bark panels. In the final two photos shown below, those panels were finished with Modern Masters brand water-born "dead flat varnish". The customer told us there was no change in color or yellowing. It was both sprayed and brushed depending on the area. It comes in gallons and quarts. You will need a sprayer if you wish to spray it. When we have recommended it, the feedback afterwards was always positive.

For smaller jobs we recommend the following - Krylon "Matte Finish" in a spray can. Apply a few light coats. This acts as a sealer so that the heavier finish does not soak into the bark. Once dry apply several coats of satin finish acrylic polyurethane. Any brand will work but it must be an acrylic and it is important that conditions such as temperature as listed on the can are followed.

Price of Laminating: (in addition to the bark price)
   $10.50 per sq foot plus the price of the bark for Meranti Mahogany substrate 1/4" thick
   $13.50 per square foot 1/2" thick Meranti Mahogany or shop grade American Birch substrate
   $15.75 per square foot 3/8" or 1/2" thick Baltic Birch or 3/4" shop grade American Birch substrate

Note: the price of wood has been going vertical and that is the reason for the increase in prices. 6"x8" sample available for $10 plus shipping. Dimensional Panels These samples are 1/2" meranti. Note how flat the bark lays on the substrate despite ridges in the bark.

White Birch, Yellow Birch and Alder Poles -

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Yellow birch
diameters between
   - 1/2 to 1" - $1.75 per foot
   - 1" to 2" - $2.75 per foot
   - 2-3" - $4.75 per foot
   - 3-4" - $6.25 per foot
White birch
diameters between
   - 1-2" - $2.75 per foot
   - 2-3" - $4.75 per foot
   - 3-4" - $6.75 per foot

How To Order

Give us a call. We'll be glad to answer your questions. You can order by credit card, bank wire or check.

All orders are shipped priority mail, Fed Ex Ground.or freight.

509-216-7451 cell e-mail

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