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From left to right Ely, MN; Spokane, WA; Grand Portage, MN; Cass Lake, MN; Mille Lacs, MN;

Some other nice canoes can be found in:

1. The Museum in Augusta Maine. Nice Penobscot, and Passamaquoddy Canoes.

2. The Museum on Indian Island in Old Town, Maine. They have a nice Penobscot Canoe.

3. The Museum at the University of Maine in has a nice canoe on display.

4. The Royal Ontario Museum has a huge canoe on display. It looks like the work of Caesar Newashish an Eastern Cree.

5. The Peabody Museum at Harvard University has a number of birchbark canoes but you need to set an appointment to see them - don't just show up.

6. Ralph Frese at Chicagoland Canoe Base has a museum with a number of bark canoes.

7. The Lake of the Woods Museum in Kenora, Ontario has a nice Ojibwe canoe on display.

Let us know where you have seen them and send us a picture if you can


Wilderness Ways Magazine ran a detailed three issue series on how to build a birchbark canoe.
For back issues call (713)667-0128 or check their site at

Primitive Archer Magazine ran a detailed two issue series on how to build a birchbark canoe.

For back issues call (713)467-8202 or check their site at

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