This is a bulletin board for new and used birch bark canoes being sold on consignment or any used item which you would like to sell through the site.
All items are sold on a consignment basis. If you have something you would like to sell then send us an e-mail and we will send you back the terms and instructions.


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14' Old Town Cedar Replica Canoe - The Canoe is an Old Town cedar strip voyager. Its 17 feet,4 inches and is completely refinished. As you see its painted with the birch bark faux finish. Canoe chair and paddles are included. Canoe is located in Illinois near Chicago. $2300

14' Henri Vaillancourt Maliceet Birchbark canoe - Built in 1980 this canoe has been well kept and its only real issue is on one stem - at the base. The rest is minor cosmetic such as the pitch - where you see white cloth in the pitch. Some builders dip canvas into hot pitch and lay the strip over the seam. If the pitch is chipped off the underlying canvas is exposed. It's not a difficult fix. Asking $7950.

10' First Nations Builder - Tete d' Boule style hunter canoe - Depth at center bar is 11.5 inches and the beam is 29 inches. Its a single piece of bark - very thick when compared to other canoes. Built with standard construction methods and no modern tools. It has dyed green split spruce roots and cherry wood thwarts with art work,
1) deer jumping over log,
2) Duck flying out of the bulrushs.

The ribs are thicker then most builders almost 1/2" thick and very much wider then most builders.

It's a one man hunting canoe modeled after the tete de boul canoe in Edwin Tappen Adney's book, Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America, but adapted to builder's conditional requirements for hunting such as offsetting the one cross bar back to make getting in and out easier - more space to move around, cherry wood not maple, more rocker and some sheer, It is also wider then the one in the book.

Asking $5500.

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