In 2009 we tried something new - one "Advance Program" going on at The Bark Canoe Store while other activities were going on at the same time. In this case One student was from North Dakota and the other South Korea. Here is their experience.

Scroll from left to right to view pictures. Click on any picture to see enlargement.

Building platform inside canopy with building frame.

Laying out the bark. The canoe had a 3 sheet hull plus side panels.

Weighting down the frame with rocks.

Wetting the bark prior to bending.

Marking the bark for stitching

Stitching bark

Lashing gunwales

Lashing gunwales

Lashing thwart

Stitching prow

Lashing cap

Prepping stem pieces for splitting and bending with hot water

Splitting stem pieces

Bending stem pieces

Inserting stems

Inserting banding strip outside of stem piece prior to lashing

Rib Bending

Inserting bent ribs with temporary sheathing

Inserting ribs

Allowing ribs to dry inside the canopy

Binder in place while ribs dry

Inserting ribs with permanent sheathing

Applying pitch

Applying pitch

lashing on the caps

Lashed stem piece

Finished canoe prior to pitching

Interior of finished canoe

Finished canoe

Prow of finished canoe prior to pitching

Builders and instructor sign the canoe

Proud builders displaying their canoe

Admiring their work

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