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            Fiberglass Replica Canoes - Canoes that replicate genuine birchbark but in fiberglass.

                         Proto Types - Some shots of the different styles we have on hand.

                         Ottawa - The Ottawa Model.

                         Abenaki - The Abenaki Model.

                         Ojibwe Longnose - The Ojibwe Longnose Model.

            Scale Model Miniatures - Museum quality scale miniatures birchbark canoes.

      CLASSES - Birchbark canoe instruction

            Group Class - Learn to build a full size birchbark canoe with other students.

            Advanced Class - Build your own birchbark canoe - you get to keep it!

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                2005 Advanced Class Photos

                2006 Advanced Class Photos

            Private Class - Set up your own class and we come and deliver it - to one person or a group.

            Home Study Class - Home study kit allows you to learn to build at home.

      MATERIALS - Birch bark, root, etc. -

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      ACCESSORIES - Paddles, pack baskets, crooked knive, etc.

      TIPS - Technical tips on how to make birchbark canoes.

Building Full Size Canoes

             Measurements: How to Create the Canoe You Envision


             The Building Platform

             Trimming Stem Pieces

             Finding Birch Bark

             Miscellaneous Tips

             Building Bed vs. Building Platform

             Laying Out the Bark


             Bending Ribs

             Canoe Building Time Line

             Acquiring Materials

             Stem Pieces

             More on Design

             Supersize Me! Measurements for a 26ft fur trade "North Canoe

             How to Clean Up Old Wood


             Bending Ribs

Building Miniature Canoes

             Building Miniature Canoes by John Lindman

The following tips on miniatures are written by Ted Behne

             Scale Model Birchbark Canoes: Real Only Small

             Creating the 1/4 Scale Building Platform

             Making the Gunwale Frame

             Making Thwarts and Installing Them

             Preparing Roots for Lashings

             Making Ribs

             Splitting Cedar

             Making Sheathing

             Unrolling and Raising the Bark Part One

             Unrolling and Raising the Bark Part Two

      BOOKS - Books on birchbark canoes, the fur trade and more.

      LINKS - External Links to other great sites that relate to birchbark canoes.

      FURNISHINGS - Rustic furnishings for cabin and lodge.

      NEWS - Where you can find birchbark canoes displayed, past newsletters, etc.

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