A sampling of canoes made by our builder John Lindman

Click on any of the photos below and see a series of pictures on that particular canoe.

Ottawa War Canoe - This canoe was commissioned by The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians in Manistee, Michigan. It is 17'6" long 40" wide, 13.5" deep at center and the prow height is 30". This is a traditional oldstyle Anishinabe canoe of which the Ottawa were a part. It is currently hanging in the new casino there.

Algonquin Wabanaki Chiman - The hull is a single sheet of bark with side panels. The side panels are dark winter bark. It is 14' long, 34" wide, 12" deep with a stem height of 20". The jackpine root used for lashing was allowed to boil with the bark on for several hours turning it reddish brown to contrast with the light colored cedar gunwales. Thwarts are birch. Serrated reinforcing bark was inserted under the gunwales in contrasting shades - light against dark and dark against light.

Attikamek (Tetes de Boule) Hunting Canoe - This is a classic style Attikeamek canoe. Single sheet hull with serrated reinforcing bark under the gunwales. The thwarts are black ash. It is 14' long, 34" wide, 13" deep and 24" prow height. It weighs exactly 50#.

Ojibwe Longnose Ricing Canoe- 15' long, 35" wide, 12.5" deep and 24" prow height. It weighs approximately 50#. It is 4 thwart ricing canoe.

Ojibwe Longnose Hunting Canoe - 13'9" long, 35" wide, 13" deep and 24" stem height. Weighs about 50#.

Remington Hunting Canoe - 9ft long, 9" deep, 18" stem height. It was commissioned to duplicate the canoe in Frederick Remington's famous painting, "The Moose".

Ojibwe Longnose Hunting Canoe - 14'9" 36" wide, 13" deep, stem height 24". It has a 3 piece hull and scalloped reinforcing bark. It is currently hanging in The Silver Bullet Bar in Bad Gastein, Austria, the site of the 1958 Alpine Skiing World Championships.

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Give us a call. I'll be glad to answer your questions. As an added benefit, on canoes that I have personally built, a photo album of the evolution of your canoe is included. I like to think of them as baby pictures.

You can order by credit card, money order or check. You are responsible for shipping costs, however we will be glad to to make the necessary arrangements. There are many options available.

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