Laying Out The Bark by John Lindman

It would take too much time to cover all of the details on rolling out the bark - this is material for a book. However, there are a few key points that will make the process more successful.

As you unroll the bark apply hot water, go slowly, and use a utility knife to make little cuts perpendicular to any lateral cracks that may develop. Make this cut just below the crack so that the crack will go to the cut but no further.

Another tip is to make a line from the tip of your building frame to the end of the bark. Score this line with a sharp stick, just like you do the bark along the edge of your frame. When folding up the bark along the frame do the stern or rear tip first. Start by creasing the bark along the line and crease it flat - one side against the other. Now clamp it. Continue to fold up the bark along the frame and use your stakes to hold it in place. Once staked around the frame stake the ends. Place a pair of stakes at the tip of the frame and at the end of your bark. If these end stakes have the bark pinched tight and are in line with the center of your frame you should have very little problem later on making sure your ends are straight and ensuring a sharp entry line on your canoe.

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